• Deborah

Time on my hands !!

With business on hold for the moment I'm finding I still have the need to be creative so I thought now would be a great time to start a blog.

Not sure where this will go, some posts might be what I've been making, others may be a heads up on a styling tip or insider fashion info on great accessory buys...who knows..but that's half the fun.

So buckle up and join me for the ride and let me begin with a painting project with a difference....

So I experimented with painting with fabric a while back and started with a rendering of my eye. I love the way certain fabrics show through others to give a subtle change in colour, (try squinting at this image and you might get a better idea).

So I have started on a grand scale fabric portrait of a very enigmatic mature lady, no not me, to see if I can capture her wise soul.

This is just mapped out so far, I will keep you posted on its progress x

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