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Deborah Coates 'Couture' Service is for ladies wanting something truly unique, generally favoured by Mother of the Brides/Groom or Brides themselves.


Deborah will work with you to design your dream outfit. The options are endless, she will expertly hand pick your fabric in your desired colour/pattern to bring out the design she will create personally for you.


After the design is finalised there will be up-to 3 toile fittings (mock-ups) where Deborah will personally work on sculpting the design of your outfit to enhance your figure. She will offer alternative ways to wear your outfit and advise and oversee all the accessories you may wish to wear so the look remains cohesive , helping take the pressure away from you on your important day.  This service is subject to a free consultation where Deborah will then summit you a quote but prices generally start from £1,450.

N.B At least 4-6 months is required from having your measurements taken, creating your pattern, toile fittings right through to your actual garment/s