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Nature or Nuture ?

Following on from my last blog on 'how to come up with an idea' it got me thinking if I was just born with that side of my brain developed or have I been influenced and in all honesty it's a bit of both.

I clearly remember being taken by my mother to a distant relatives house. I was to speak with an older second cousin as she had just started a course in interior design and I was expressing an interest in Art. I must have been around 8 yrs old and there was a 10 yr gap between us.

It was an awkward exchange, she must of thought how tedious, but in reality she was very patient and showed me her portfolio of work and I remember thinking how grown up and well executed it was - it was an eye opener !!

Our moms got chatting away so we were left in an awkward silence. It was at that point she pulled the little bin over and after peering inside she carefully extracted some items. She said "shall we see what we can make from this ?"

Half an hour later we had made a beautiful tiny mannequin from a discarded fag packet ( well it was the 70's!!) using the cardboard and the foil along with other various thrown away rubbish that escapes me now. The point being that our imagination alone had molded that rubbish into something fabulous and that lesson never really left me.......... from that day the world was now my oyster.

and doesn't this pic make you think of a Christian Dior 1950's silk duchess gown xxxx

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